Friday, 17 August 2018

Movie Marathons

Lately, Room 3 have been focusing on time in maths, from reading the time, to converting minutes into hours, and lastly at how to read timetables. As a project, students created timetables for Movie Marathons featuring their favourite movies. Here are a few examples:


Running time
93 minutes
9: 00
Break 1.
20 minutes
Despicable me
95 minutes
Break 2.
20 minutes
Despicable me 2
96 minutes
Break 3.
20 minutes
Despicable me 3
96 minutes


Movie theme - comedy

Movie 1  -
Lego batman movie
1hr 44min
10:00am - 11:44am
16min break

Movie 2 -
Despicable me 3
1hr 30min
12:00pm - 1:30pm
15min break

Movie 3 -
Guardians of the galaxy VOL.2
2hr 18min
1:45pm - 4:03pm
12min break

Movie 4 -
Thor: Ragnarok
2hr 10min
4:15pm - 6:25pm
15min break

Movie 5 -
Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle
1hr 59min
6:40pm - 8:39pm
11min break


Running Time
in hours & minutes
Mission Impossible
Mins- 147
Hrs- 2.45
Break 1
30 mins

Ant-man and The Wasp
Mins- 118
Hrs- 1.58
Break 2
30 mins

The Meg
Mins- 113
Hrs- 1.53
Incredibles 2
Mins- 118
Hrs- 1.58
Break 3
30 mins

Hotel Transylvania 3
Mins- 90
Hrs- 1.30
Break 4
30 mins

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
Mins- 128
Hrs- 2.8

Friday, 10 August 2018

WALT write engaging speeches

This week, students in Room 3 have been working hard on their speeches. They focused particularly on using specific language techniques to engage the audience and make their ideas memorable. We looked at different examples of speeches made by famous figures as well as ordinary people to understand what goes into a good speech. 

Take a look at some of their work. See if you can find examples of language like using first and second person, repetition, asking rhetorical questions, the rule of three and using anecdotes.


Rugby Rugby Rugby ever wondered what it will be like to play rugby well it is scary for your first time. But you become better as you practice and practice. But there is a possibility you can get bumped off or injured. So who wants to volunteer


Hey you! Over there and you, you too.  Have you ever imagined yourself as a youtuber? Well if you have or have not, I will be sharing three magnificent tips because I believe that some of you guys will someday grow up as a youtuber, no!, not to be a bored, powerless youtuber like your Mum and Dad, “heh do’en some calculation on tax and bills”, but to be a FAMOUS Youtuber! So turn on your ears and keep listening.

Colours, colours, colours so many remarkable colours to think about! Have you ever imagined what it would be like if we had a bit more radiance in our school? When I mean that I mean what if we had mufti in our school everyday? Our school would be more famous, we would have freedom plus the uniforms are much too expensive.

Hands up those of who likes chocolates? Wow that's great. My favorite chocolates is smarties. My mom once said that life is a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get next. Well today I’m gonna take you journey which a little nutty, a little chewy and a little bitter, but mostly sweet.

Monday, 30 July 2018

WALT Describe ways to earn money

Room 3 have been thinking about the different ways they can earn money in their daily lives. Have a look at their ideas:

Molly and Jade

Alex and Samie

Akshay and Nidheesh

Anish and Boston

 Nicole and Ella

Ella, Jade, Mollie and Nicole

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Explain Everything

Room 3 have been working hard on their mental maths this week. Check out the addition and subtraction strategies students in Groups 4 and 5 have been practicing:

Harrison and Timothy

Kayla and Khushi

Nicole and Sandhya

Beni, Akshay and Jerry

Mishti and Ruyi

Anish and Yew Wei

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Can 7 Up or vodka help flowers stay fresher for longer?

6 groups thought vodka would be the best at keeping the flower fresh. 2 groups thought 7 Up would help the flower stay fresh the longest while 5 groups thought the flower in plain water will last the longest.

After a week, the results of the experiment have become clear: 7 Up was definitely the best at keeping the flower fresh.

From left to right: 7 Up, vodka and water
The sugar in 7 Up provided extra nutrients for the flower, helping its stem and leaves to remain strong and healthy. Second best was the vodka, because the alcohol helped to stop bacteria from forming and rotting the flower.

What else could help flowers stay fresh for longer? Similar old wives' tales say adding pennies, bleach or aspirin can keep a bouquet looking nice and healthy.