Friday, 19 October 2018

The Volcano

WALT Describe a setting

As I stepped out of the safety of my tent, I hear lava splashing against rocks as if the sea water was crashing against the shore. I trudge up to the path to the mouth of the volcano and see lava trying to reach me . Luckily I had a suit that was made out of aluminum. I took a picture of a volcano and went back inside my tent. I tried to make some notes but I couldn't so I went back and I couldn't believe the sight. The lava was starting to rise up and I had to act fast. I took a selfie of myself looking petrified with the volcano and posted it to my social media. Immediately I saw a helicopter which lit my face. It landed right beside my tent. I climbed up the helicopter. When it took of I wobbled like a jelly. The sound of the Helicopter sounded like a hup hammer banging against a huge plank of metal.

There I was, leaving the safety of my tent at the bottom of this deadly mountain. As I keep on climbing I could feel the ground vibrating under my feet. The smokey stench of the the volcanos heat has escaped the clutches of the lava and pasted on into my nose, I had finally reached the top of this cone volcano and it was way hotter than I had ever imagined. I looked down and gazed at the lava in the mouth of the ferocious monster. 

I saw that the dealy lava was boiling madly like your average kettle sizzling up hot water. I was very nervous undead but I was also very fascinated on not just the boil but the colour too, it had yellow orange and this rich and dazzling crimson color.

As I advanced out of the safety tent, I could hear the rumbling of the volcano as if the volcano would erupt like a geyser. I nervously paced myself up the rocky volcano, then I slipped and descended to the hard ground. I felt tired, my silver suit was heavy, I could taste the horrible smell of my sweat and it felt like it was impossible. But it was too late, I've gone this far and I couldn’t go back, so I slowly got up and started walking. I could feel the heat of the lava, it was like five times the heat of boiling water and I felt like I could feel the swealter of the lava! As I nearly reached the end I glanced down the steep volcano I was guessing that the volcano was about a kilometer deep with smooth flowing lava. As I approached to the top the funnel of the volcano I could feel the volcano rocking as if it was trying to swing me to the ground. I saw rocks falling down making like it was water splashing. When I reached the top of the volcano, I could see the lava bubbling like hot popping water. It felt like an accomplishment, I felt relieved and I was mostly overjoyed.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Market Day

Room 3 has been working hard to create, market and sell their products for Market Day, raising over $400! Well done to everyone who got involved!

Here are some of the products we made over the last 2 weeks:

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Supporting Healthy Communities

We strongly agree that we should all donate to RHMC because of what they do to help children who are sick and have cancer. Every year RMHC offer nearly 3,700 families to have the chance to live at building for free. This helps people relieve stress like working for a place to stay near the hospital, cooking family meals and paying for a place for families to sleep. Therefore we should all donate to the RMHC to help support families when their child is in a hospital away from home.
By Akshay, Anish, Jerry, Marcus, Nidheesh and Samie.
Our opinion is that everyone should donate to the New Zealand Heart Foundation because the money that people donate to this society can save many lives which are at risk. The money also helps scientists to find a cure for a variety of heart problems and illnesses.  You can trust this society because on their website link it says “org” which stands for an organisation as well as that, there are some trustable companies supporting their charity like banks and world wide businesses like ‘Lotto’. In the United States there was about 610,000 people with many kinds of heart problems. So if you can help by donating some money to the New Zealand Heart Foundation it can save many Kiwi lives caused by these extremely dangerous heart issues.
By Amelia, Beni, Khushi, Mishti and Nicole.
We believe we all should donate to Plunket because with the money we donate they can help children and families who are in need of good health. Plunket provides much support for those who are in need of it. They help children and families recover from illnesses. They have been around for 111 years so they are really trustworthy, they are also principal partners with BNZ. Over the hundred years that they have been running, the Plunket Society mission has always been; “to ensure that New Zealand children are among the healthiest in the world.”
By Caitlin, Eknoor, Jiya, Kayla and Sandhya.
We strongly believe we should donate to Kids Can because they provide food, clothes and basic healthcare for all needy children who can fall ill with a variety of illnesses. We also need to donate money to Kids Can so they can go to school and have access to learning and an education. When you make a donation of $5 or more, you can claim up to a third of the amount back from Inland Revenue. And even better news, you can claim on any donations made over the past four years. You can keep this as a reward for your good deed or donate it back to a cause you feel passionate about. Evidence proves that this site is 100% safe! Many other schools also support Kids Can. Over 290,000 Kiwi children live in hardship. You can keep this as a reward or donate it back to a cause you feel passionate about.
By Alex, Daniel, Harrison, Jade, Tim and Yew Wei.
We all should all donate money to Kidsline because it gives children someone to talk to on the phone when things aren’t going right. Kidsline is a nonprofit organisation, which means Kidsline relies on donations to operate. Kidsline is a good organisation, their website is safe but they aren’t very well known. Although we think we should donate to Kidsline because it is vital that kids feel safe and secure. They, also, might not get this feeling at home because of bullying, child abuse, etc. Kidsline helps kids feel loved and feel that they have a friend who they can talk to as a Kidsline buddy.
By Brianna, Ella, Sheena and Umamah.