Friday, 9 March 2018

Describing a festival or holiday

This week in Room 3, we have been writing descriptions of a festival or holiday. A good writer will use the five senses and descriptive language to help the audience visualise what they're reading.

Here are some of our works in progress:


The beach in Rarotonga is a calm and gorgeous place, with the waves crashing on the burning, golden sand. You could hear birds squawking in the distant sunset and kids yelling, while searching for fish.

Palm trees swayed in the calm breeze, the sand on my feet felt like little leaves swaying across in the breeze. The scorching hot sun is beaming down on me. You could feel the water trickling of your back as you got out of the clear, cool water.

Yew Wei

It was that time of year when the Christmas Tree was up. All the glistening ornaments were up ready for the day. At the top of the mistletoe, there was the star shining bright down onto the ground. There were presents under the tree ready to be opened up by each other. The sound of joy spreading throughout our house. We had some fun with the Christmas Crackers. It was lunch and it was a barbecue on the deck. There were plates and cups ready on the glass table. The freezer was filled with sweet drinks that anyone could have. After the absolutely perfect lunch it was present unwrapping time. There was laughter all around the room coming from each other. The kids were glad that they had more gifts than others they were cheerful like predators that had caught their prey. Everyone unwrapped their gifts greedily, waiting to see what was inside.


The boat moved over the deep, dark water that was mixed, seawater and brackish stream water. Here there is a sense of wildness. There were seals on the rocks and strange things down below that you could not see like sea pens and black coral. Waterfalls cascading down the steep cliffs then splashing up in a bubbling foamy rainbow as the sun shone through. Then a group of fins came up from the dark water, dolphins! Their bodies looked so smooth and soft. They dived under the boat as the engine slowed down. Above the playing dolphins towered the remains of a glacier that carved the deep fiord. The staggering beauty of the wild ecosystem planted here, untouched cliffs rising up from the water, with trees hanging on for dear life made me feel that Fiordland has touched my heart.


A pool of seawater was glimmering in the glowing sun. It’s warming feel embraced us with the wetness of turtles splashing from inside the pool while we fed them lettuce. The food made us hungry. Burning hot concrete under the feet of everyone watching like a floor of lava. The vibracion of the turtles nibbling on the yummy snack that we held on in front of us. Acting like we were there chiefs. The turtles are clouded coal black and rust copper brown.Peachy salmon colored coral sits in the middle of the pool.

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  1. Great descriptions, Room 3. I really enjoyed the focus on how things feel rather than just how things look. Awesome job!