Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Can 7 Up or vodka help flowers stay fresher for longer?

6 groups thought vodka would be the best at keeping the flower fresh. 2 groups thought 7 Up would help the flower stay fresh the longest while 5 groups thought the flower in plain water will last the longest.

After a week, the results of the experiment have become clear: 7 Up was definitely the best at keeping the flower fresh.

From left to right: 7 Up, vodka and water
The sugar in 7 Up provided extra nutrients for the flower, helping its stem and leaves to remain strong and healthy. Second best was the vodka, because the alcohol helped to stop bacteria from forming and rotting the flower.

What else could help flowers stay fresh for longer? Similar old wives' tales say adding pennies, bleach or aspirin can keep a bouquet looking nice and healthy. 


  1. Great experiment. I really liked that you included an explanation of the science behind the fair test. Well done! I'll be using 7-up for my flowers from now on!

  2. Wow! I never knew that 7 up can help flowers stay fresh longer. Good job